Rental Program

To help our customers maintain the highest quality standards for their controlled environments, or to help them adhere to regulatory requirements related to particle counting, Airy Technology offers their quality handheld and remote particle counters for short or long term rentals.

A wide range of particle counting instruments can be provided to help with the measurement of particulate count, mass concentration, and other environmental values including temperature and relative humidity.

Airy Technology provides particle counters and cleanroom monitoring equipment for validation engineers, quality control technicians, and health & safety experts to support compliance with ISO and Federal standards and regulations including ISO 14644, FDA CFR, and EU GMP guidelines.

This service can also be utilized by existing owners of Airy Particle counters during calibration or service events, allowing our customers to seamlessly continue measuring their critical environments.

Pricing for this rental service is available for daily, weekly or monthly events and all rental units come complete with a valid calibration certificate.

To request rental pricing, or to arrange a rental unit for your upcoming particle counting event, contact

Please provide us with your expected dates of use, and full company/contact information.

A representative will respond with pricing and availability to help meet your needs. Once you decide to go forward with an Airy equipment rental, a formal rental agreement will be sent back to you for completion.

Airy Technology’s rental program only charges you from the time you receive the unit, to the day you send it back (five days transit time at no charge on the rental unit’s return.)

Airy includes all necessary accessories, batteries and software with every product rental so that customers receive the full benefits and features offered with their particle counters.