Instrument Management Software

Remote Operation, Data Collection, and Real-Time Graphing


Airy Technology® Instrument Management Software (IMS) software is provided free of charge and it includes remote operation, data collection, and real-time graphing while controlling Particles Plus particle counters.

The software is used to manage and monitor particle counting instruments, providing accurate and reliable data for cleanroom and indoor air quality applications.

The software interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, providing a full dashboard. The IMS offers users the ability to update the firmware, download air quality data, or ever calibrate the environmental sensors present in each instrument.

Main Screen

The Instrument Management Software allows users to view past and real-time measurements. The software will display the status of the instrument. You can download the measurements from the instrument to your computer into a .CSV file for archive or further analysis.


Instrument & Data Managment

The software allows users to select the data that are relevant to their needs and directly export the data to MS Excel. Additionally, it offers the ability to update the instrument firmware with new features and calibrate environmental sensor such as temperature and relative humidity.


Data Plotting

Users can select data fields and a data range for the selected instrument and retrieve that data and plot it for immediate analysis. This provides a quick and simple means of viewing instrument data.